About Us - Trinità dei Monti

The ‘Trinità dei Monti’ Think Tank was founded by Pierluigi Testa in February 2012. It is an Italian independent discussion group composed of more than 400 members (50 of whom are founding members), which meets at the foot of the Spanish Steps (The Secret Garden) in Rome on a monthly basis with a view to gaining further insight into topical issues regarding economics, financial markets, banking as well as Italian politics. There is an active participation of expert speakers from public authorities, the banking world, enterprises and universities.
The group is composed of persons who are willing to make themselves available to public authorities in order to generate greater trust in the country and in its potential and to relaunch its economy. It was established by:

The ‘Trinità dei Monti’ Association

The Governing Council

Pierluigi TESTA – President
Claudia CURCI – Vice President
Livio LA MATTINA – Counselor
Gabriele MANCINI – Counselor
Cristiana MONTANI NATALUCCI – Counselor
Francesco QUARTA – Counselor and Treasury
Valentina VITALE – Counselor and Secretary

Head of the Think Tank Trinità dei Monti Naples



Editor in chief: Cristiana MONTANI NATALUCCI

Head of Operations: Roberta CROCE



Public Affairs

Valentina VITALE

Web and Social Media Manager



Secretariat – segreteria.trinitamonti@gmail.com

Foreign Press – press@trinitamonti.org

Italian Press – ufficiostampa@trinitamonti.org

Social media – social@trinitamonti.org

Where we are

Il Giardino Segreto c/o Hotel Palazzetto
Vicolo del Bottino, 8 – 00187 Roma, Italia


Working areas


An italian source of informed and shared debate, independent analysis and opinion making and influential ideas on how to build a new Italy based on meritocracy, competence, values and passion for sustainable goals



Analysis and discussion on topics that regard the economy, law, domestic and international politics, labour, banking and finance, and business during regular meetings held with the objective to generate debate on (and focus considerable attention towards) issues of direct interest for both Italy and the European Union.


Formulation and delivery of concrete proposals for development of the economy and management of socio-economic policies regarding our country to the bodies of the Italian Government and to the main players in the industry.


Development of International Relations with a view to facilitating dialogue and development of synergies with governmental, industrial and academic entities. The Think Tank has already established relationships with several foreign countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, Georgia, and Hungary. We are considering other opportunities of partnership.


The ‘Trinità dei Monti’ has the objective of promoting excellence and unleashing the potential of young professionals through coaching and their engagement in the institutional initiatives


The ‘Trinità dei Monti’ Think Tank meets women professionals on a regular basis in the framework of meetings called ‘Womenomics’.