Andrea Cerio

Socio Ordinario


Consulente, Imprenditore

I am a young professional, analytic, curious and data driven, with more than one year of business experience in human capital development and online business. A Master’s Degree in General Management and two dissertations regarding cases provided directly by Procter & Gamble and Telecom Italia gave me a strong understanding and knowledge of the main strategic issues faced by companies operating in a competitive environment.

I have built my key competences such as analytical and team building skills whilst managing and leading specific goal oriented projects. Thanks to my entrepreneurial attitude and my business acumen, I can work successfully in very intense and high competitive environments with minimal supervision, and I aim to grow professionally through very challenging assignments. I have travelled extensively for school and leisure reasons (UK, USA, Europe, Africa). My first language is Italian and I have full business proficiency in English. I put passion and energy in everything I do. My “why” is about impact and growth and I have the ambition to bring positive change as result of my work and efforts.